Friday, March 27, 2015

High Grade New Mexico Rock For Sale

White Tiger Orthosiderite, $1.00 per gram rough.  WRITE LUXEFAIRE@GMAIL.COM.   This finished bead is sold.

White Tiger Rough, water wet.  $1.00 per gram.

White Tiger Orthosiderite, rough, dry, $1.00 per gram

Hachita Turquoise, with or without brown matrix, natural stone,  $.30 gram, rare hard to find stuff. WRITE LUXEFAIRE@GMAIL.COM

New Mexico Pyroxene Feldspar, cuts like jade, very colorful, $30.00 per pound.  These are finished beads not for sale, showing the materials attributes, very nice to work with takes super polish with diamond.  Lots of  patterns.

White tiger beads, and Tiger King beads, the brown is tiger king, dendritic psilomelane, 5.0 hard, works like turq, $40.00 per pound.  Below are more examples of the finished white tiger orthosiderite.