Friday, May 6, 2016

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Zero Effort Motor Mounting

     This is the 4th motor I have mounted like this, and all four were done with just one can of spray foam.  Almost zero effort, and me likes that mucho.  The foam cures overnight and is strong, yet can be pried off the mounting surface with a crowbar if need be.  So far the foam has stuck well to all surfaces I have tried, which include metal and wood, also plastic.  In fact I have not found anything it won't stick to yet.   This trick kind of reminds me of the Rastafarians in the Neuromancer novel, growing pot in orbit and plugging leaks in their salvaged space station with caulk.  If there had been spray foam at that time I am sure Bill Gibson would have worked that in, although the caulk was comic relief as well as good sci-fi.  That novel has come closer to reality than just about any other prognostication I have come across, and I assure you they are many.  FYI and read it if you get a chance. 

      The real trick to this is using the can of spray foam more than once.  If the can is not emptied, then the foam will harden in all the nozzles and make it so the rest of the can is wasted.  I learned to get multiple uses from my spray foam cans by using twigs wires and nails inserted all the way into the various orifices that are subject to clogging with the hardened spray.  Once the foam is cured in these orifices it is a simple matter to clear them by removing the nails, wires, or whatever you have used to capture the foam plugging the orifices.  Pull these make-shift inserts out and usually the hardened foam comes out in its entirety, clearing the way for another use.  I regularly get 3-4 sprays out of each can, depending on the jobs I am doing.  NOTE:  when inserting your nail or wire into the top of the can do not press hard, just make sure it is all the way in.  If you press too hard you could damage the rubber at the top of the can and cause it to stop working, or worse you could get a spray of foam you did not want, and this stuff is not anything to play with, once you get it on you, it must where off.  I have also used small amounts to suture fingertip cuts from blades or grinding wheels, and it works.  If you get it in your hair though, you will be cutting your hair, so it would be a very good idea to wear protective clothing, gloves, safety glasses, hat and apron.  The bottom line is: if you get this stuff anywhere,other than where you want to put it it can be a big problem.  Spots on the floor or other unwanted places should be left to harden then popped off once it cures, becomes hard.

     I use the lightly expanding stuff, it is better suited for my purposes.  You can try different foam/expansion ratings, though I am a super shopper because cost is my ultimate motivater in all things that require cash.  Not all things require cash, thankfully, because I would have been dead a long time ago using the federal reserve paper to get things done. And my quality of life would be about that of the 3rd world, which was the plan behind the foreign federal reserve in the first place methinx.   It is a slavery machine (Slaves, Obey Your Masters--the Bible).  It was made that way on purpose.  It is not American.

     Good Luc, and may beauty come to mean many different things to you too.